Schedule Plans

We know that planning your big day is hard work and so to make sure things go as expected we’ll draw up a specific timetable around yours.

During your consultation with your DJ, you will be able to talk them through the big day’s schedule. This will include when guests are due to arrive the beginning of the ceremony, the length of the ceremony, when and where the photographs will be taken and then what time guests are expected at the reception.

By detailing the events of the day, our DJs will be able to provide their own timetable in accordance with your day.

This means that you will be reassured everything will run smoothly and accompanying music to each part of the day is set up and ready to go when the guests arrive. Should your wedding day be divided between two locations, the act will be able to coordinate their equipment and set-up time accordingly to ensure that everything is ready to go.

All of our team are organised and punctual which means you will have one less thing to worry about. By sharing their plan with you, you can suggest improvements, ask questions and ensure that everything is the way you want.

It’s also possible for our wedding DJs to visit the London-based venue beforehand to view where he can set up his equipment and how quickly he can move between locations. As every venue is different, this will affect how they decide to plan their day.

This is a service that we include within all of our package deals.